She Shed Selections

Barb & Tammi have been great friends for more than 25 years now. Although they initially met years before that, work, family and friends brought them closer. Some families aren’t as close as these two gals are now.

Prior to their individual retirements from their paid jobs, they had worked together with spouses and friends building or renovating a long list of different projects in their “off time”. For these two gals, it was just one more thing that they enjoyed doing together. It was only after Tammi’s own personal garage and Barb’s workshop were built that they thought of taking it one step further. Why not keep creating? And thus began “She Shed Selections” and selling their creations at the Pugwash Farmers Market.

What can you find at the “She Shed Selections” kiosk at the Pugwash Farmers Market? Almost anything, depending on what each of them might be into at the time. Wonderful wooden flowers in different sizes and styles, a myriad of different items made using Nova Scotia driftwood, cardinal and blue jay bird feeders, pump planters and other styles of planters, cribbage boards made from hardwood, some of them “live edge”, hand carved items from lighthouses to Santas, a crazy selection of hand sewn scrunchies, “shooter trays”!, and on and on it goes. You just never know what you might find.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask one of the girls. They have been known to do custom work as well.

And last, but definitely not least, they sell the beloved “Wintergreen Candy”. A traditional pulled candy of Springhill.

Barb & Tammi have been Vendors at the Pugwash Market now since 2017.